4 main types of vegetables cuts

January 12, 2014

First, I would like to thank you all that have been supporting me so far!  I really appreciate it!  I am so exited about this project and I will be as true as possible to show you my successes and my failures (hope there will be more of successes!) 

When you are into cooking and baking, you need to know a few terms.  Myself, I am still in the process of learning; however, I am going to share some vocabulary about cutting veggies.  It will be short and sweet so you’ll remember more easily!

Since a picture can tell 1 000 words, I will treat you with some simple pictures. Also, here are simple definitions of each of them.

Batonnet: Half an inch stick and about 3 inches long

Dice: Batonnet pieces cut into cubes

Julienne: Matchstick shape pieces

Brunoise: Julienne pieces cut into small, tiny cubes

Now you are set! Grab your knives and let’s get serious in the kitchen!

To wish a great Sunday, I would like to quote Julia Child: ‘People who love to eat are always the best people’, don’t you agree?

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