It is February, break your resolutions with this home-made pie crust!

February 3, 2014

I have never really made resolutions when a new year would start…  In fact, why those resolutions of healthy life, better habits or whatever it is have to start on a new year, a first of a month or a Monday?   Why some people would say, we are Wednesday and next Monday I am stating a diet.  Why not tomorrow?   Why not a Thursday?  It is just silly to me.

So since we entered February, you can go ahead and break your resolution!  I prepared this post to share the recipe of pie crust I use.  You can do salty or sweet tarts with it.  It is very simple.

pie crust

Ok.  One more thing…  I won’t tell you broke you resolution and you will never eat pie crust from a store again!  Deal?  Making the effort is so worth it.

Here is what you need:
– 100g of soft butter
– 200g of flour
– 60g of milk
– Salt to taste

Mix the butter, the flour and salt together until it is crumbly.  Add the milk at once and mix gently to form a bowl of dough.  Don’t over-work it, just enough so all the crumbs are all picked up.

pie crust

You are done!  It is ready to be rolled!

In a few days… I will give you a recipe to use your new skill!

Have a nice week you all!

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