I am happy your curiosity brought you here! Wait.. Is it your curiosity or your hungry stomach?  So… you are checking the “About” section, you are probably wondering who I am!

I am living in Toronto, Canada with my wonderful husband, el Cubano and our 2 beautiful kids!  I am originally from the sunny South of France, La Provence!  I came to Canada in 2006 for the adventure, alone and well…  You guess the rest…!

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking for the ones I love but since I have become a mum it has been more challenging.   I guess I needed some time to organize myself to our new lifestyle: 2 kids in day care, both of us working fulltime, you know how it is, right?  I am not the only busy mom, wife, women.

Don’t be shy and share your thoughts with me too!



Family of 4

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