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How to make a flavourful French Rosemary Leek soup

By on November 19, 2018

Rosemary leek soup

Flavourful French Rosemary Leek soup. Doesn’t it sounds delicious? You have to make it, don’t just take my word for it!

Flavourful soup to say the least but to be more precise, it’s actually also the perfect texture for this leek soup. As you bring the first spoon to your mouth, there is a rosemary explosion which surprised me at first but oh so good! I put some potatoes for the texture of the soup that you would not have with just the leeks.

Soup Weather

Some call it Fall, some call it sweater weather, I call it soup weather.  It’s the comfort you need to feel warm, the tasty bowl that will make you feel content.

As soon as the temperature drops, generally under 10C, soup weather is on at my house until it’s bathing suit weather! I’m kidding, I eventually get tired of it much like I get tired of my healthy salads in the summer!


Soup weather is on and I only have shared one soup recipe with you here! A good one though: My creamy butternut squash soup.  So this is me fixing this right now and sharing this amazing French Rosemary leek soup.

French rosemary leek soup


Let me talk about the rosemary for a minute. I went heavy on the rosemary, my 2 teaspoons were very generous. It smelled amazing in the house!

Truth be told, when I first tasted it, I thought, oops, kids won’t like it it is too much rosemary and maybe I did go too heavy on it.

Nope, I didn’t it was perfect, full of flavours for this velvety soup! It’s what made it stand out at the dinner table, it was a winner. As I’m writing this article, even hubby is giving AGAIN his stamp of approval.

Kid friendly

Granted that my kids eat absolutely everything AND appreciate it. They give me feedback and suggestions, they are my mini taste testers.

However, if you are worried that you’ll make this soup and the kids won’t eat it (which is a possibility, I don’t know you kids lol) let me tell you that the leek is definitely not overpowering and you might not even need to tell your kiddos that there is a leek in the recipe 🙂 !

French and easy

Please don’t associate French recipes to being difficult. Let’s demystify and simplify it! If I can do it so can you! In a few steps, it is just simple. Although, I made the recipe a few weeks ago, I made a few videos because a visual can be so much better sometimes to see the steps. If you are not yet following on Instagram, please do so and let me know if you tried the recipe!


How to make a flavourful French Rosemary Leek soup


  • - 1 tsp of butter
  • - 1 chopped leek
  • - 2 tsp of rosemary, chopped
  • - 3 potatoes, sliced
  • - 750 ml of vegetable broth
  • - 450 ml of milk
  • - A dollop of heavy cream
  • - Salt and pepper to taste


  1. - Place a big pot to heat up, once warm, put the better to melt and then add the chopped leek.
  2. - Let it soften for a few minutes, add the rosemary and let it infuse for a minute or two.
  3. - Add the potatoes and let it cook for 5 minutes.
  4. - Add the vegetable broth, the milk, some salt. Cover and let it cook on medium/low for 40 minutes.
  5. - Use a hand mixer to puree your soup.
  6. - Add a dollop of heavy cream, salt and pepper and you are set!

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Soupe au pistou, a French summer soup

By on June 12, 2017

Summer is discretely pushing Spring away and May’s showers are already forgotten! We can now enjoy dinners on the patio, backyard BBQs and outdoors games with the kids. Did you already get a little sun kissed? Do you feel how time is nicely slowing down as we are enjoying our down time outdoors with our loved ones?

The recipe & the elephant in the room

You know what else is amazing in summer? Veggies. Oh boy, do they taste better. So, I have this soup recipe for you and I guarantee you will fall in love with it!

Can I convince you?

  • It is an explosion of flavors. You will not be able to deny it.
  • This dish is healthy
  • It’s easy to prepare and your guests (or family) will be impressed
  • And, it’s French! Ah, do I need to say more? Mouhahahhaa!

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St Patrick’s Day under 15 minutes

By on March 17, 2016

Hi readers! I missed you… I have been thinking about you a lot!

First, APOLOGIES for disappearing from Bon Appét’Eat. I started preparing a post where I explained my choice and I will be back to share it.

Second, THANK YOU for coming back and visiting my blog!

Just like that I am back… Let’s look natural and squeeze in a little article about St Patrick’s Day. Give you some inspiration with quick and easy ideas to be green on March 17th!

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Interview of a 4-year old

By on May 15, 2015

This year, my participation for Food Revolution Day will not be a recipe but an amazing interview I did of my mini-superhero!  Everyday, he amazes me with his comments about food, remarks about what he observes and questions about our bodies.  He is so curious and we love it!

A few notes about this video:
– We are so proud that he understood the concept of indulging once in a while but being healthy is a priority!
– I am the one asking the questions and it was as natural as possible since I communicate with him ONLY in French!
– I did NOT tell him to say something in particular, we just chatted for 15 minutes in front of the camera!
– I did questioned him in a way to get him to repeat some sentences he has said in the past.

A few ideas that he says a lot but did not express:
– He loves to cook/help with his parents in the kitchen
– His younger sister is following his footsteps!

– Introducing any food as soon as they started solid food  has been a key in the developement of their palate!  I am so proud that they eat EVERYTHING!

The recipe is referring for the Kale salad is this one! He loved it!
Cranberries-Walnuts kale salad with goat cheese dressing

As for the real food and the pizza, the kids loves when we make it and they customize theirs. The recipe is here.

Mini Caprese pizza


Thank you for watching the video and TEACH YOUR KIDS, GET THEM INVOLVED and do not find bad excuses, yes you can be HEALTHY in your busy mom life!

Last year, I wrote a few articles for Food Revolution 2014:
Grow your food
 Get them involve: Meat balls with the mini-chef
 Healthy dinner on week days, yes! Pecan-crusted chicken
 Healthy snack: Creamy avocado dip
 Fruity Smoothie and Healthy rasberry muffins


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Cranberry Walnut kale salad with goat cheese dressing

By on March 13, 2015

Hello nice weather and positive temperatures!  Everybody seems so merry and smiley lately and it might be thanks to Mother Nature.  It’s not summer yet but after so many -25C or -30C in Toronto, let me tell you that +2 is worth jumping all over!

Gorgeous blue sky, snow melting, does it put you in a spring/summer mood?  Of course it does!  I love it and now I can say Bye to soups and Hello colorful salads!

Cranberries-Walnuts kale salad with goat cheese dressing

 Last year, I tried kale and I really fell for it!  Since it’s a chewy salad, I chop it off really small.  I use to pound it with the meat tenderizer but I skip that task and it’s just fine.  I add some nuts for crunchy-crunchy, some cranberries for some sweet taste.

Aaaaand… Wait for it (**drum roll**), I make that super simple, quick and easy goat cheese dressing.  Kale dressed in white and creamy love.  I mean, you have to try it to believe it! So simple and yet so crazy amazingly good!

True story: (Don’t tell El Cubano I told you) He likes his green salad dry, so without dressing.  Not his thing.   Well, as he wishes.  The other day, he said he was ready to try some kale (you know he’s not big on veggies and all… we talked about that). And TA-DA!  He loves this recipe with the dressing!  It’s that good.

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