Starting up your blog

What I learnt so far about recipes and food photography

By on July 1, 2014

Now that you have your blog up and running, you need to get cooking, taking pictures and writing blog posts and recipes.

When I started blogging, I did not really know how to approach you.  English is not my first language so, sometimes, it adds to the blogging challenge.   So I do not have big writing advises and tips.  I would just tell you to stay yourself and enjoy it!

The talking:

Not that I am the blogger in right now or anything.  But I am happy to share the few things I learnt along the way.   I read quite a few blogs and the advice that I am trying to apply in my posts is to be as descriptive as I can.  I try to explain why my recipe is so good and why you should try it out.

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Starting up your blog

Starting up your blog – Part 1

By on June 21, 2014

(Great infographic summing up all my post! Scroll way down!)

Blogging is not easy and food blogging either.  BUT, if you are enjoying each recipe, food styling, photo editing, post writing then food blogging is really for you.  You have to love it and it should not feel like work.

1. Choices to make and setting up your website

Before I took the plunge and got started with Bon Appét’Eat, I read a lot, like a lot, other blogs and it really helped my getting started and make some choices.

I already knew I wanted to call it Bon Appét’Eat and buy a domain .com or .ca.

When I jumped in the blogging adventure, I decided to start my blog with and to buy my domain with godaddy.

Even though offers some stats, I wanted to install Google Analytics from Day 1.  Even though, you officially can not, there is a little trick and it is possible.  You need to install CloudFlare and then you can have your Google Analytics. My main help was from this website.

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