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French clichés and French crêpes!

April 7, 2014

How about a little list?

1 – I do have a French accent and it is cute!  I am proud of it!
2 – I love stinky cheese, specially an old runny camembert.
3 – I like to complain, it is just part of my day, I know it is bad, I am working on it though!

Alright, I will stop here actually, because I know that French people have some unflattering clichés too…  Strikes, no shaving (!!), smelling bad (now come on, who spread those things?)  Ahah, this is quite funny!

I do love the clichés that makes me a Chef because I am French, oh la la!  I definitely have a je-ne-sais-quoi!  So for now, I will share my French crêpes recipe with you:

French crepes

French Crêpes

I did not add any sugar or vanilla in it because I like to make a salty and sweet ones out of it!  We love to do simple ham and cheese, or even crack an egg on it while still in the pan.  Then… then, we get the Nutella out, sugar or chestnut spread for me.  A real French treat!

Did you change your mind?  Aren’t we sweet sweet people :)?

French Crêpes

French clichés and French crêpes!

Yield: 10-12 crêpes


  • - 4 eggs
  • - 200g of flour
  • - 400g of Milk


  1. - I use my blender.  I first put the eggs.  Blend.  Add the flour.   Blend.  Add the milk.   Blend.  It should be the consistency of egg nog.
  2. - Warm up your pan, pour a little less than a laddle, spread it by moving the pan.  Turn it when it is cooked.  Repeat until all the preparation is finished.
  3. Tip: If you pan is not of good quality or your crêpe gets stuck, use a paper towel with oil or butter on it to make sure it will come of the pan easily.



  1. OMG… love it. Just discovered your blog today thru someone we both know…Guess who???? Enrique. He’s so proud 🙂

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