Desserts and cookies

Oh baby, I want a salted caramel mousse!

By on January 14, 2014

I have been craving for salted caramel. A salted caramel mousse. For some reasons, I have been really salivating for that one on a graham crust. No, don’t ask! The family is not growing. Just wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth.

You know what? I did not actually satisfy just mine. I apologize for the poor pictures, but I probably got 30 seconds to take pictures before it got eaten. I guess it is a good sign.

Orea crust salted caramel mousse (3)

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4 main types of vegetables cuts

By on January 12, 2014

First, I would like to thank you all that have been supporting me so far!  I really appreciate it!  I am so exited about this project and I will be as true as possible to show you my successes and my failures (hope there will be more of successes!) 

When you are into cooking and baking, you need to know a few terms.  Myself, I am still in the process of learning; however, I am going to share some vocabulary about cutting veggies.  It will be short and sweet so you’ll remember more easily!

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Finger food

Discover my kitchen philosophy and my Arancinis!

By on January 10, 2014

I am no chef.  Just a mom that loves to cook for her family.  And if there is one thing i do not believe in is that there is an ‘official’ version of a recipe.  Each person can do according to their own taste, means, allergies and imagination.  Oh and according to your time too, important factor in my house.

I would like to share a recipe that is definitely not how Italians would do it and they would ‘boo’ me.  I am okay with that and you know why? Because my kids and whomever tried it, loved it!

I love the recipe because it is a different alternative to the usual pastas, rice and potatoes.  Kids, toddlers and even husbands need to be seduced at the table.  You can even prepare it with the kids, they’ll love it.

What are those?  There are little breaded balls of rice stuffed with cheese.  Well, normally, in Italy, they use the risotto leftovers.  Oh well…


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Desserts and cookies

Trilingual life and here is a Cuban flan recipe!

By on January 8, 2014

At home, we speak 3 languages!  I am French, my husband was born in Cuba, and we have 2 wonderful little Canadians.  Since passing along our cultures and languages is important, we use the 3 languages on a daily basis.  The kids, specially Mini-Superman, get confused for now, but later they will rock the world!

For my first recipe, I will share a simple recipe, a Flan, a Cuban Flan.  We love it because it does not require a lot of preparation and it does not have a season.  And actually, in winter, when the nice fruit are unavailable, it is perfect.

One thing I must admit… It is not the best looking dessert, but it is still tasty nonetheless.

Cuban Flan (2)

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Let’s do it!

By on January 6, 2014

Let’s cook, bake, eat and share!

I have been meaning to start a blog where I could share some recipes, tips but also learn along the way…  Guess what?  It was never the right moment!  I am wife, a mom of a Mini Superman of 3 and beautiful girl of 1.  I work.  You know the drill?  We daydream that we would do this and that and never get to it.

This is not a New year resolution, it is just a clean slate with a personal goal to be out there and have fun!  This is also a challenge, a personal one, I will have to fit this project that has been in my head for way to long and my busy life.  Are you ready to follow my culinary adventure?

There.  I did it.  I made it official!  Now stay tuned the first recipe is coming real soon…


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