Meat and fish

A classic in my home: Lasagna

By on May 1, 2014

I love cooking for my family but with 2 children under 4, you will have to be organized.  And to be able to serve a homemade meal to them, I cook a recipe double or triple and freeze it.


We all try to be on top of our daily routine and chores but the truth is, it is hard.  I have been back from vacations for 2 weeks and I already need some more.  One week break does not cut it with the energy and effort we put into running our daily life smoothly.

I am sure, you all can relate, am I right?

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Meat and fish

Picadillo, a flavored ground beef from Cuba

By on February 26, 2014

Funny thing, I am French and I am sharing more cuban recipes (like this one or that one) here so far!  After all, I fell in love with a Cuban, his lovely Cuban family and his beautiful island and today, let’s try Picadillo!

Of course, at home, when it comes to cooking, I bring my French touch, el Cubano, his culture and well, we are in Canada so some North American flair too!  What a combo but that makes things in the kitchen more interesting.  I have discovered some Cuban dishes and then adapted them.  I have adapted French recipes because I could not find certain ingredients here.


I remember my very first shopping trip after arriving from France, I had orange juice in my basket and I was just walking around in looking in the aisles like you look at the paintings in a museum.  But that was 7 years ago, almost 8.  I can fill up my cart now, no problem!

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