Desserts and cookies

Healthy vegan chocolate tartelettes

By on August 21, 2017

Do you have a sweet tooth and need your sugar fix after lunch? I got you covered! I have some sweetness and chocolate for you. Also, if you are vegetarian, vegan, it’s a keeper. Otherwise, it’s a keeper anyway! I know, I rock.
I’m talking tartelettes tasting like heaven and not staying on your hips!

It’s small, grab one!

In fact, this tartelettes will satisfy your craving and not give you bad conscience. Come on, admit it, don’t you feel bad after eating a bad chocolate bar just because? You can tell me, it’s me! Because, I do. After lunch, I generally look for that little something sweet that will mark the end of the meal. A nice expresso don’t always work, sometimes it calls for nice piece of chocolate to go with it.

Since we only live once and I own my curves, I indulge! However, I will try to make smart choices and Ta-da, now you have my healthy vegan chocolate tartelettes.

I used the lids of my mason jars as mold and it makes the perfect size for a treat! I got this idea from Dessert for 2, Christina is always so creative.

There is no sugar added and yet it is sweet. The figs and raisins are doing all the job. The combination of the nutty taste of the walnut and the chocolate will make ask for more!

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Desserts and cookies

Rustic chocolate pear tart

By on February 2, 2015

Or shall I call it Poire Belle-Hélène tart?  You see, a Poire Belle Hélène is a pear served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Sounds good, eh?  Well, I am offering it to you in a slice!

Chocolate pear tart

That’s the decadent dessert that you want to end your dinner.  This recipe is a small batch. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner for 2 or in our case it was 2 adult sizes and 2 small ones for the kids.  Score!

You need it in your life now!  It has the comforting chocolate, the juicy pears and a flacky chocolate crust, does life get any better than that when you take a bite of it?  Probably not!

Chocolate pear tart

On top of those pears, there is some white chocolate and then some shaved dark chocolate.

Sometimes, in life, this gets rocky and you have some ups and downs and I am part of those people who eat their emotions and need comfort in my plate.  Mostly sweet but I also love savory-feel-better-dishes.

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Desserts and cookies

A monday morning secret: Chocolate Vanilla marble cake

By on July 21, 2014

Monday mornings can be tough!  So how about something sweet – but not too much – to go with your coffee or tea?  So this recipe of a vanilla-chocolate breakfast cake will bring you some love to start the day!

It is moist and chocolatey but… oops, some vanilla there!  Great sensations in a bite!  You might want another piece if you are a dunker, you will love it!

Chocolate vanilla marble cake

Breakfast, snack, dessert, you pick.  Even the day of the week, Monday is a suggestion to get the week rolling.  I do need some incentive to get through the week sometimes.

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Desserts and cookies

8 treats to bake for Father’s Day

By on June 15, 2014

Have you chosen what you are going to treat your Dad with tomorrow?  It is not too late.  Your Dad will love a homemade cake.  Personal touches and efforts are always the most appreciated.

My Dad is back in France so it is another year without a hug of his daughter on that day… I wish I could bake him something, probably with chocolate.
What will you make to your Dad?

Will it be some breakfast while he is sleeping in?    Is he more a banana pancake or French crêpes man?

Banana pancakes

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Desserts and cookies

Some people just inspire you! May this chocolate cake do the same!

By on February 11, 2014

Bon Appét’Eat is still young and a fragile little project.  It was just a little over month that I decided to jump both feet in.

Having a cooking blog is a real lifestyle!  You cook/bake, and sometime re-cook and re-bake… to make sure you are putting a great recipe (Yesterday, I made a risotto, not a success…  I will have to try, try and try again before it comes her).  So, as a blogger, after preparing a dish or dessert, you photograph it over and over in different angles, then you enhance it on an editing software.  Then, you finally make it to the writing part, to share with your readers.  It is not for everybody but I really love it and enjoy every parts of it.

Moist chocolate cake

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