8 things to do to feel like it’s summer in Provence

By on September 7, 2015

Last day before back to school? Let’s talk about vacations…. I am all emotional that my baby is going to SK so let’s change the conversation, right?

As the summer is wrapping up, I want to enjoy the last bit of sun on my skin, a few more outdoor meals but most of all, keep that warmth in my heart that I brought back from France.

We went to the South, in Provence, for 2 weeks and it was hot, relaxing and full of love. The children enjoyed every little bit of their trip. French vacations for the win!
Summer in Provence 1 – Eat like every day is your last day: To a certain extend… Stay healthy and moderate. BUT do not think that certain things are to be eaten or drunk on special occasion. TODAY is special! We were in France with our family, it was amazing. Needless to say that (cough) our pants shrank under the sun!  But we ENJOYED!

2 – Eat local, fresh and seasonal: Fresh strawberries from the garden for breakfast? YES! Biting in a juicy tomato in the garden? YES! It is tastier and kids snaked on beautiful crops. Enough said.

3 –  Have an apéritif: See #1, today is special, have a nice glass of wine with your loved one, a fresh beer. Stay safe, don’t drive. Cheering to awesome vacations! Santé! Special recommendation: Pineau des Charentes, Pastis. Ma favs.

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Desserts and cookies

When you need a break, take a bite of Provence with a lavender shortbread cookie!

By on February 17, 2014

I know I wish it was that easy…  But there are flavors, smells that just bring back somewhere with somebody.  For me, it is parsley, it sends me back in my childhood when I would go on my vacation at  my grandparents.  When a little wind would blow, I could smell the parsley from my bedroom window.   It seems like nothing at the moment, but now, it just reminds me of a my dear Papy and Mamie and that big house in the vineyards.

There is also lavender.  Specially since I live here, in Canada.  It makes me travel back to the South of France, where I am from.  I am on vacation for a few seconds… In fairness, let me bring you along with me and give you a little taste of ”Je-ne-sais-quoi”….


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