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Flan de coco

By on April 27, 2018

flan de coco, coconut flan

Patio and terrace season!  Spring has been shy but I do believe that it’s slowly showing up and promising some nice days

Cinco de Mayo is also around the corner and a perfect excuse to organize a friend gathering, a nice potluck on a theme! How fun! (Why don’t we have emojis around here?!) #reallifeproblem

If you are in charge of dessert, Flan de coco will be it! I got you covered. It’s simple, most likely you have all ingredients in your pantry. Does not require too much of your time so you can relax and sip on a Margarita while it’s in the oven.

Easy as ”Un, dos, tres”

The steps are easy! The eggs are beaten, the 2 milks are added and the coconut and hop it goes in the oven! Easy right?

So simple that it’s definitely a recipe that allows you to get the kids in the kitchen! Mine were in charge of beating the eggs and pouring the milk. Easy enough and not to long of a task so you still have their attention.

Coconut flan

This flan de coco is lighter that the Cuban flan I shared with you in the past. I used more milk (2%) with the condensed milk and it made lighter and more fluffy after being baked.

Also, the Cuban flan has a caramel but I didn’t make any for it with this dessert, it makes it less sweet. I choose to garnish with toasted coconut. It adds more texture.

Also, I should confess…

This flan de coco recipe is actually a fail from what I had in mind but turned out great. All the test tasters approved.

So what is the fail? The coconut went right to the bottom BUT it create some sort of crust at the bottom, or a layer I should say. It was just perfect.

Coconut flan
Flan de coco

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 8 portions


  • - 5 eggs
  • - 1 can of condensed milk
  • - 500ml of milk (I used 2%)
  • - 1 cup of shredded coconut (prepared as 3/4 and 1/4 of a cup)


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 350°F.
  2. In a bowl, beat the eggs. Add the milk. Stir. Then, add the condensed milk. Add a portion of the shredded coconut (3/4 of a cup). Stir again.
  3. Pour in a round oven dish, I used a T-Fal pot but any 9-inch round pan would work, make sure it's high enough.
  4. Bake in a bain-marie for 35-40 minutes. To check if it is ready, insert a knife in, if it comes out clean. You've done it!
  5. Broil in the oven 2 minutes the rest of the coconut or until golden. Use for garnish.


Bain-marie: Place your dish/pot on a baking sheet and fill the baking sheet with water. Your flan will cook without drying.
Also, I used my favorite T-Fal Ingenio to make this flan. It’s non-stick and it makes baking quite easy. I first bought this pots and pans when I lived in a condo and had little storage and I love how they stack on each other and the removable handle! I adopted them and the rest is history!


More inspiration latino:


Picadillo or using its leftover


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Drink up! | Meat and fish

Margaritas and swordfish ceviche tostadas

By on July 30, 2014

Do you smell the vacations?   Do you feel the sun?  Right, I don’t that much either… Toronto is having a weird summer.  How is yours?

Today, we are doing this a little different on Bon Appét’Eat.  I invited a friend to the blog, she is not a blogger, she used to be though, in French.

How did we meet?  Who is she?  What did she cook for you?  Have a seat, prepare one of her Margaritas and enjoy the reading!  You will love Noelle!


”Hey hi!

The blog post: This so amazing to be back on the culinary web world thanks Mel!  A few weeks ago I was complaining about having no time for creating my own blog while I would love to do it again and Melanie came to me with this crazy idea of writing on her blog just as a guest.  I was super excited and … then, no idea … I mean no new idea, white page, white screen… Oh my god! My brain went blank and I completely freaked out thinking OK look like my creativity had disappear!  This made me even more amazed by what Melanie is capable to do with her blog!  (Thanks Noelle :))

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Appetizer | Meat and fish

Cheesy chicken quesadillas

By on June 17, 2014

Chicken quesadilla

The ultimate juicy and cheesy quesadillas.  I mean, you bite in it and the extra juice and the string of cheese.  That’s it your hand are all messy but isn’t it even tastier?

This is just the recipe you need to get ride of your chicken left over, being a rosted chicken, barbecue chicken breasts, it will do the trick!

I did not have avocados or guacamole, it would have been a great addition.  But let me tell you that even like this, alone, you don’t need to get convince to devour it!

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