Meat and fish

Pecan-crusted chicken breasts #FRD2014

By on May 13, 2014

My husband, el Cubano, is generally the one picking up the kids at the day care.  It give me 45 minutes to an hour to get started with dinner.  And by the way, it is just insane what you can accomplished in 45 minutes without the children in the house.  You would never know until you become  a mom.

I know you recognized yourself, ahah!

My apron on, fully inspired for a nice dinner for my family, I chopped some garlic, parsley, some olive oil and salt, here is a nice marinade to leave my chicken in.  I wished I had lemon.
As I was starting to crush the pecans, everybody arrived home. And here comes the disappointed little man: Maman, what are you doing? Cooking? Without me?


That is it.  As this point, when you 3-year-old little boy wants to put his small apron on to help you cook dinner, you know that he will most likely make healthier choices in the kitchen.
And this is what Food Revolution Day will be on May 16th.  Get your children involved in the kitchen, show him/her to cook from scratch, give them little tasks to participate in the preparation of dinner or snacks.

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