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Cranberry Walnut kale salad with goat cheese dressing

By on March 13, 2015

Hello nice weather and positive temperatures!  Everybody seems so merry and smiley lately and it might be thanks to Mother Nature.  It’s not summer yet but after so many -25C or -30C in Toronto, let me tell you that +2 is worth jumping all over!

Gorgeous blue sky, snow melting, does it put you in a spring/summer mood?  Of course it does!  I love it and now I can say Bye to soups and Hello colorful salads!

Cranberries-Walnuts kale salad with goat cheese dressing

 Last year, I tried kale and I really fell for it!  Since it’s a chewy salad, I chop it off really small.  I use to pound it with the meat tenderizer but I skip that task and it’s just fine.  I add some nuts for crunchy-crunchy, some cranberries for some sweet taste.

Aaaaand… Wait for it (**drum roll**), I make that super simple, quick and easy goat cheese dressing.  Kale dressed in white and creamy love.  I mean, you have to try it to believe it! So simple and yet so crazy amazingly good!

True story: (Don’t tell El Cubano I told you) He likes his green salad dry, so without dressing.  Not his thing.   Well, as he wishes.  The other day, he said he was ready to try some kale (you know he’s not big on veggies and all… we talked about that). And TA-DA!  He loves this recipe with the dressing!  It’s that good.

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Appetizer | Meatless

Salade niçoise for my healthy resolution!

By on April 22, 2014

Hello you all!  I am back!  And yes, I am back all fresh from vacations with nice resolutions.

The reality is that we spent a wonderful week in beautiful St Martin island and we spent the week eating and drinking more than we usually do.  You know what that means…  Back to reality and the scale sets the tone!

What do you do when it is like that?  Of course, you do like me!  You make a few resolutions to shed those pounds that invited themselves on your hips.  Here comes my Salade niçoise.

It is fresh, it is nutritious, it has great flavors and colors.  Before I left, I told you about my olive oil flavored with Herbes de Provence, it is a perfect opportunity to try it out.

Salade niçoise

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