Appetizer | Meatless

Spinach and quinoa stuffed portobello mushrooms

By on July 5, 2014

And we are talking quinoa and spinach in a creamy sauce!

Loaded with protein, a great vegetarian meal, yes meal because the mushrooms were that big.  If you are sharing one, it can be an appetizer.   It is topped with goat cheese and it is giving such a kick to the dish.

You will love the freshness and strength of the goat cheese is really the perfect addition and balance to the mushroom and its stuffing.

Stuffed portobello mushrooms

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Appetizer | Meatless

Zucchini-pesto fritters

By on June 5, 2014

Here a great recipe to add to your little one lunch bag, picnic menu or weekday menu!  I love simple yet tasty recipes and those fritters are meeting my requirements.  The pesto really adds a great flavor, it tastes like summer!

Zucchini fritters

Sometimes, it is just what we need, a simple idea.   Don’t you stare at your fridge sometime wondering what you will make for dinner?   Darn, there is nothing you say!  While the fridge is actually all stocked up.

When the inspiration is not there, I always make sure that there are some greens on the table!  Dang, here a green something in your plate!  My son loved it, it said it was like a cookie.

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Appetizer | Meatless

Spinach, onion and goat cheese tart

By on May 27, 2014

I have been meaning to post this recipe for 2 days already but to tell you the truth, I have been slacking at little… Well maybe a lot.  The pictures and the recipe are ready all I am missing is my article.

I actually have a very valid reasons!  A few actually.   The weather this weekend was gorgeous, so obviously we enjoyed it and spent some quality family time.  And the evenings…  Well, my husband and I have been a little obsessed with a show lately!  Which means we have watch 3 to 4 episodes a night.  Have you seen Suits?  Such a great show!  It is perfectly balanced with romance, drama and comedy.  We are totally hooked.

When I was expecting my daughter, we are crazy on an old show, finished for a long time: the Sopranos.  Every night, we were watching episodes until midnight or later and we were always regretting because If my water would break, we would be so exhausted.  Sure enough, one day at 11pm… It did!  We have been tired for 19 months since then.  Totally worth it though.

Spinach goat cheese tart

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10 minutes week day dinner: Ratatouille Lasagnas

By on May 21, 2014

Yes, assemble in 10 minutes and put in the oven, come back in the kitchen to eat!  Yes, and yes!  Make something yummy and different with your leftovers!

I don’t know if you noticed but it seems like it is baby seasons!  In our family, 2 precious little boys and 4 new parents are discovering a new life.  Can anybody out relate?  Or do you have some relatives who can?
A baby, different rythme, busy days, short nights, and food.  Yes, food, anything comestible that will be given the status of lunch or dinner.

Been there.  Twice.  And trust me, a healthy dinner, quick leftover put together between 2 diapers will come like caviar in a plate!  Do the ratatouille one day, fix a leftover another.

Ratatouille lasagnas

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Bringing a little bit of France to Vancouver!

By on April 30, 2014

I am so flattered and honored to be the very first guest post of Everybody loves pretty today!  Sonia and Candice shares almost daily great and healthy recipes!  There are always nice pictures to illustrate their articles!

So come along with me and let’s go to Vancouver to discover those 2 amazing girls and my Ratatouille recipe that is featured today on their website!


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